Our patent

The Invention
The invention concerning the concept “SunSelect”, which is described in a granted patent, pertains to UV transmissive textiles. These fabrics consist of many different yarns and compositions of yarns.

The yarns which can be used are numberless, such as polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, cotton, viscose, bamboo, flax etc. with or without addition of elastic yarns or elastic corespun yarns. The composition of the transmissive textiles are numberless as well, as are the percentages of the used yarns in these fabrics.
Possible compositions are
  • cotton/polyester
  • cotton/polyamide
  • coolmax/polyester
  • tencel/polyester
  • polyester/corespun yarn
  • cotton/corespun yarn
  • polyester/elasthane
  • polyamide/elasthane
The Textile
The textiles can either be knitted or woven. Any garments that can be made of these transmissive textiles.

Possible garments are:
  • all kind of shirts with short or long sleeves (such as shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, swimwear, sportswear, beachwear, headwear, tops, dresses, etc. )
  • accessories
Safety first: SunSelect textiles offer a combination of proven skin protection and a beautiful longer lasting and safer suntan. The SunSelect unique selective ultra violet filter textiles provide the user with the best of both worlds. The patented non-applied sun protection concept allows the user to enjoy a desirable suntan in absolute comfort both for body and mind.